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Name:Cullen Bloodstone —Earth-616—

Cullen hails from an infamous monster hunting family. Son of Ulysses Bloodstone he was primed to follow in his father's footsteps since a young age. Things went south when, at ten years of age, his father died and Cullen found himself stranded in the Black Realm of Klimtor for two years.

He survived, barely, and came back with a parasitic monster bonded to his soul.

Reunited with his sister, Cullen couldn't help but feel betrayed when she shipped him off to Braddock Academy, a school helmed by Captain Britain with the goal of raising the next generation of mighty heroes. Cullen purposely withdrew and branded himself as an outcast among his peers.

And then Murder World happened...

He's a survivor but Cullen has begun to view the world around him differently. He's slowly learning to control his monstrous side and sometimes he can't help but feel more like a villain and less like a hero.

Powers — Cullen has superhuman strength, durability and reflexes when he wears the Bloodstone ring. He also has a high aptitude when it comes to firearms and he's shown to be a sharp thinker. He's in the early stages of controlling the Glartrox, with his ring on he's able to summon monstrous tentacles from his back. As a full fledged monster he's nearly unstoppable, his only weaknesses being the remnants of his human body on the monster or flesh contact with the Bloodgem ring, which will revert him back to his human self.

Seen In — Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover (ongoing)

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